How to Pray through any Emotion (UYE 19)

Season 16, Episode 19,   Apr 30, 07:00 AM

Over the last few episodes, Jennie and Kate have walked us through how to notice, name, feel, and share our emotions.  Today, they discuss how we can choose what to do with our emotions. Don't miss the powerful ending as Jennie prays with and for us - invite God in and let Him be in it with you, there is healing in the presence of God!

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  • There is no arrival point...there is just navigating our feelings better, to understand ourselves, God and circumstances better
  • Am I choosing to bring God into this? Am I choosing to bring others into this?
  • How to…
    • Choose to do this with God
    • Choose the raw unvarnished truth
  • Your feelings are telling you something!
  • Seek first God!