Barto’s Band

Season 2, Episode 2,   May 10, 06:00 AM

Special thank you to all the performers in Barto’s Band:

Barto - Percussion & vocals
Roger - Vocals
Jonas - Vocals
Nova - Vocals
Rick - Vocals and coaching

Barto’s Band

My name is Barto. 
I live in the old town, 
High up on the hill 
With my mummy and daddy 
In a land called Portugal. 

There are lots of kids 
On our street. 
We like to be outside 
Playing football 
‘Till it's time to come inside. 

I love to hear music. 
I stamp my feet 
And clap my hands. 
With friends of mine in school 
We formed a marching band. 

Our teacher helps us 
Learn the tunes. 
We practise everyday. 
Kids from school hang around. 
They like to hear us play. 

Teacher said
In class today
Our little band in school 
Is the first marching band 
In all of Portugal. 

I love playing my drums. 
I've spent so many nights 
Dreaming of the day
When I play the drums
In the summer parade.

I wake up early. 
The day is finally here 
As the sun rises in the sky 
I'm so excited. 
The parade is on tonight. 

We meet up outside our school. 
There is so much laughing and talking. 
No one is standing still. 
We must calm down now and stand in line 
And get ready to walk up the hill. 

In front of us
Girls are waving flags 
Coloured white and black 
With the flute players in the middle 
And the drummers at the back. 

Teacher calls out to us, 
“Are we ready, girls and boys? 
Let's give the town a treat.” 

Come on everybody now! 
One. Two. Three!

We make a lot of noise. 
There are three drummers in our band. 
Maria, Miguel and me. 

Come on everybody now!
One. Two. Three!

People line the road. 
They shout and wave at us 
As we march along the street. 

Come on everybody now!
One. Two. Three! 

We march up and down the hill. 
Then back beside the river 
That flows down to the sea. 

Come on everybody now! 
One. Two. Three!

We pass by mummy and daddy. 
I don't hear them calling me. 

Come on everybody now. 
One. Two. Three! 

We cross the main road 
And stop outside the school. 

“Let's shout out loud one more time.”

Come on everybody now. 
One. Two. Three!