Is Lasting TOO Long a Problem? When Trimix Shots Lose Effectiveness, and Blood Vessel Damage and Recovery

May 22, 05:01 AM

In this episode of Give Me an E! Dr. Rachael is answering a LOT of your questions, including - Is my loss of erection after using a massager due to injury or something else? What to do when shots and pumps aren't cutting it anymore. Do pumps cause vessel damage? And if so are there tests that can identify it? And SO much more.

Dr. Rachael also shares some positive listener feedback about how her supplements and how it's an example of finding quality products in a vast market of scam ED solutions. She  gives insight on how to sync up better with your partner in the bedroom, how to regain stiffness and control after long term manual over-stimulation, the importance of keeping things flowing during those sexual down times, and the effectiveness of gummies vs. capsules for supplements. 

  In this episode...
- Calcium caution: calcium supplements should be a last choice. Getting calcium from natural sources that Dr. Christie suggests, is preferable to supplementation, which may have negative effects on overall health.

- Use it or lose it: If the tool doesn't leave the shed for a long time, it can get a little rusty and malfunction. It's important to incorporate manual stimulation to preserve vessel health and blood flow.

- Underlying health conditions and ED: For those with diabetes, addressing underlying health issues such as blood vessel damage, nerve damage, and poor blood flow is crucial. This can involve diet changes, exercise, and treatments like shockwave therapy

- Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood: Cholesterol plays a vital role in many functions across our bodies, many of which are positive

Whether you're dealing with ED, curious about boosting your nitric oxide levels, balancing your diet, lowering your blood pressure, or just want to learn more about maintaining peak sexual health, this episode has something for everyone. Get ready to empower your sexual wellness journey with Dr. Rachael Ross!

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