Forensic Pathologist Testifies Tammy Daybell's Cause of Death Should Be Undetermined

May 23, 11:00 AM

The trial of Chad Daybell took an intriguing turn as forensic pathologist Dr. Kathy Raven testified, asserting that Tammy Daybell’s cause of death should be classified as undetermined. This challenges the Utah Medical Examiner's previous ruling of asphyxia.

The court session began with prosecutor Wixom addressing a minor inaccuracy in Heather Daybell’s testimony regarding her communication with Detective Hope. Both Wixom and defense attorney John Prior agreed it was inconsequential, allowing the court to move forward without further concern.

Judge Boyce noted that the defense had two more witnesses scheduled to testify, but they were not present. Until their arrival, the court addressed matters outside the jury’s presence, ensuring the trial continued smoothly despite the temporary absence of witnesses.

Dr. Kathy Raven, a board-certified forensic pathologist with over 25 years of experience, provided critical testimony. She reviewed Tammy Daybell’s autopsy report, photos, toxicology results, and various investigative documents. Raven concluded that the cause of Tammy’s death should be classified as undetermined due to the lack of anatomical evidence.

“There was no anatomical cause of death found for Tammy Daybell,” Raven testified. “All her organs appeared normal, and the toxicology report was extensive with no positive findings, making poisoning unlikely.”

Raven also addressed the bruises found on Tammy’s body, describing them as nonspecific and inconclusive in determining the cause of death. “The bruises on her arms were nonspecific and could not definitively point to asphyxia,” Raven explained.

Reegen Price, a neighbor of Chad Daybell, testified about hearing a gunshot before September 9 and discussing unusual events with law enforcement. Price mentioned creating a timeline with her husband to make sense of the strange occurrences involving the Daybells.

“I contacted law enforcement about a few unusual things I noticed,” Price said. “Hearing the gunshot was just one of many strange events.”

In a recent development in the ongoing Chad Daybell trial, a minor inaccuracy in the testimony of Heather Daybell was brought to the court's attention by prosecutor Wixom. Heather Daybell had testified earlier that she did not provide any information to Detective Hope. However, prosecutor Wixom discovered her name in a police report, indicating that she might have had some interaction with the detective. Wixom described the inaccuracy as inconsequential and promptly informed the court.

Dr. Kathy Raven’s testimony provided a crucial perspective, challenging the previously determined cause of death and emphasizing the lack of concrete anatomical evidence. As the trial progresses, the defense aims to cast doubt on the prosecution’s narrative, potentially influencing the jury’s perception of the events leading to Tammy Daybell’s death.

The trial continues with further testimonies and evidence reviews, keeping the courtroom and public engrossed in the unfolding legal drama.

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