213: Stu Brass, Founder 'The Brits' & Snowboarding Consultant on 'Chalet Girl' & 'The Jump'

Jun 07, 11:38 AM

This is a special interview with Stu Brass - co-founder of ‘The Brits’, snowboard advisor to film & TV (including ‘Chalet Girl’ and ‘The Jump’) and ex-pro snowboarder. 

If you have followed skiing or snowboarding in the UK in the last two decades you will have seen Stu’s work. He co-founded ‘The Brits’ – the British freestyle championships – and his expertise in running events has meant that he worked on the movie ‘Chalet Girl’, the Channel 4 series ‘The Jump’ and has built pretty much every kicker you’ve seen at a UK ski show.


Watch Alex’s video on the ice tunnel in Val Thorens (2:00)
Listen to Iain’s interview with Chris Moran (2:30)
The 2024 Brits took place at Tamworth Snowdome (3:00)
View images from the event on the Brits Facebook page (4:15)
Listen to Iain’s interview with Tim Warwood (5:00)
The Brits will take place in Mayrhofen, Austria in 2025 (7:40)
Stu learned to snowboard at Rossendale Dry Slope (11:15)
Stu’s first season was in Les Arcs with his brother Russ, @chrismoran_hbt, Steve Bailey and @markkent35
Stu’s cliff drop pic was featured in Transworld, Onboard, Snow Surf (16:00)
In 1998 Stu won the British Halfpipe Championships in Saas Fee (17:30)
Snowboarding first featured in the Winter Olympics at Nagano in 1998 (18:00)
Stu met Jenny Jones in Tignes and encouraged her to come to the British Champs (20:00)
On a career direction change to becoming an agent (22:00)
‘Show me the money’ (22:40)
Damian Norman encouraged more snowboarding and features at the Ski Show (26:00)
Listen to Iain’s interview with Jim Adlington (27:30)
Stu created the AIM Series (29:00)
Creating slopes with real snow at the ski shows (33:00)
Shipping snow from Holland to Austria for ‘The Greatest Snowman’ (35:00)
Working on the movie ‘Chalet Girl’ (36:00)
The TV programme ‘The Jump’ ran on Channel 4 for four seasons (39:00)
Competitors included Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Rebecca Adlington and Louis Smith
Find out about The Brits on their website (50:00) 

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