The Creative Spark Ep. 205 with Guest Ben Orlando. Instagram Creative and Podcaster

Season 2, Episode 205,   Jun 15, 06:33 PM

Episode 205 - Guest Ben Orlando
Today's episode is a bit of a re-direct from most episodes. Usually, I am the one asking the questions and directing the flow with my guest. This time, I decided to share a chat I had with a really interesting fellow named Ben Orlando who reached out to me to chat about our shared love of baseball and some of the unique experiences I have had through the years. Ben is quite the accomplished person. In addition to being a therapist, he is the author of numerous books, scripts, and has hosted multiple podcasts. They way that we met was through his fantastic Instagram site called The Midnight Library of Baseball which I highly encourage you to check out. I love history and I love baseball and Ben captures both brilliantly. His meticulously researched episodes are not to miss!  I have placed the link below.

Join Ben and I as we informally talk about life, baseball, family, and stepping into our greatness.  I really feel there is something for everyone in this chat. Enjoy!
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