Who are you writing for and why?

Season 2, Episode 59,   Jun 16, 11:49 PM

Getting super clear on who we’re writing for and why is really important before you write a single word of your book. Once you know, you’ll feel far more inspired to write and also a heck of a lot more confident. 

But more than that, your book will work hard for you and attract the right people to your world.

In this week’s episode, you'll discover:

  • Why it’s important to consider your target audience, personal motivation, and how the book fits into your business strategy.
  • Some advice from a bestselling non-fiction author on the importance of knowing your target audience in the creative process.
  • Three simple activities you can do to successfully identify your ideal reader and get clear on why you’re writing to them.
And LOTS more!

I’ll never stop banging on about your ideal reader - because I know how important it is for your book’s success. Creating loyal and passionate readers starts when you put them at the forefront of your creative process - not treating them merely as an afterthought but as the reason you’re writing in the first place. 


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