Thugs on the streets, thanks to Julia

Sep 03, 2012, 12:48 AM

The Australian Building and Construction Commission, the ABCC, was well armed and tough. This was especially so for the bully-boy unions in Victoria and Western Australia, where builders had to pay for peace, says Andrew Bolt. KPMG says that as a result the community was $5.9 billion a year better off. Labor promised to get rid of it in the 2007.

Kevin Rudd didn’t move fast enough for the union bosses. Money talks. At the last election the Electrical Trades Union gave a $325,000, not to Labor, but to the Greens.

You see, the Greens had opportunistically promised to help abolish the ABCC.

Its failure? It had brought peace to the construction industry. The union bosses - and the Greens - didn’t like that.

Presumably the ABCC was doing terrible things to the environment. Or do the Greens support thugs punching police horses?

As Andrew Bolt says, Julia Gillard understood this unsubtle message. She delivered..

The powerful ABCC was wound up . Almost as soon as this happened, the thugs were out on the streets.

Just as the people smugglers took their cue from Rudd and Gillard winding up the Pacific solution.

The ABCC was replaced with the Fair Work Building and Construction agency. There’s that word “fair” again. It means weak and useless.

This is the tactic of the Gillard and Rudd governments. They create powerless agencies like Fair Work Australia. Remeber Fair Work Australia took over three years to investigate Craig Thomson and the Health Services Union. Even then they didn't produce a brief on evidence the prosecutors could use.

Remember too, the powerless Corgill inquiry into the five or so billion dollars BER rort.

Compare that with the open powerful Royal Commission into the Australian Wheat Board under a respected judge which John Howard established. He also agreed that if the judge needed additional terms of reference these would be given. The hearings gave Kevin Rudd an evening TV platform to attack the government. But John Howard did the right thing

Is it the government doesn’t know what it is doing? Or are open borders, thugs on the streets and thugs ruling the construction industry part of the Gillard government agenda?

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