People's power prevails -govt.backflip

Sep 14, 2012, 08:15 AM

Congratulations. People power - including the petition many of you signed on this site - has worked. The government has taken notice of your message to stop kicking our soldiers, sailors and airmen in the guts.
They've given in – they've reinstated free flights home for single defence personnel over 21. Opposition spokesman Stuart Robinson MP says it's an embarrassing back flip for the government. He moved a motion in the House to disallow the regulations, and the government caved in. Now, he says, Australian sailors, soldiers and airmen and women can plan their leave While the budget measure was aimed at single defence personnel over 21, it was clear from what was being said that the Gillard government had younger and married personnel in their sights. This was decided while ministers and bureaucrats were happy to fly the world in first or business class, staying in five-star accommodation for talkfests, the communiqués for which have been written in advance.

These important meetings are too often no more than photo opportunities for government propaganda. And the Gillard government is still kicking our defenders in the guts. Plans to properly equip and upgrade the service have been set aside – the Gillard government has slashed defence spending down to the levels applying before the Second World War. Surely it's time that the Australian people were given the right to petition for a recall election government which is failing them