1837: Business Jazz with Roger Overall @rogeroverall & Paul O'Mahony @omaniblog (1)

Sep 18, 2012, 11:28 AM, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland

This is Part 1 of a podcast series in which you hear Roger & Paul talking about business issues.

There has been progress since our last meet in the cafe of Blackrock Castle Observatory -

Roger Overall & Paul O'Mahony discuss "Business Focus & Audio Use". Topics addressed include:

(1) Health for over 40s

(2) Adopting & addressing a New Challenge

Roger finds a way to pursue both options while out walking the dog. "Helping others tell their story online" -

Roger reminds Paul of AJ Leon @ajleon remarkable misfit - the runner...

+ Chris Brogan - eating differently

(Peter Cox phoned during the conversation & his call was bounced...)

Mentally & physically at your best...

Manuka Honey from NZ is considered...

Banoffee pie get a plug...

This part of the conversation ends with a promise that we'll move on to the question: "What about your manifesto?" - as raised by @chrisbrogan in his latest email.


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