Pubcast #98: Party Like it’s 1999

Sep 27, 2012, 03:09 PM, Poplar, London, United Kingdom

This week’s show is packed full with all the usual chat and irrelevance you’ve come to expect from the FootballPubcast – even though the boys were struggling with the revelation that players making their debuts will soon have been born since the turn of the millennium. Once they’d recovered sufficient composure Show #98 shapes up like this…

• Jamaica @World Cup 1998 • Batigol’s construction firm • Stand Out & Stand Down performances • Football League round-up • Keen Out WWE style • Mersey Shore with Brendan Rogers • Darren Carter • Liverpool v Man Utd reaction • RIP John Bond • Nicky Butts surprising appearance record • 2020 Euro Championships • Max Clayton in Hogwarts • Kevin Sheedy recovers • Collins John to Barnet • Naughty boys of the week • Fray Bentos FC • ‘Arry to Ipswich Town? • Christians fighting • Much, much more!

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