EP 23: Eminem (Part 4) - Overdose, Relapse & Recovery

Jul 27, 2022, 01:31 PM

In this episode we cover the key moments of Eminem's life and career from the Curtain Call Greatest Hits album to the Recovery album as Eminem faces near death after his drug taking habits reach a new low resulting in his most deadly overdose yet. We examine what led Eminem to this point such as the death of his good friend Proof, the break down of Eminem's second marriage to Kim, a frustrating case of writer's block and mental health issues. We discuss how Eminem recovered from his overdose and we analyse the tracks on Eminem's comeback album Relapse including We Made You, 3am, Beautiful and My Mom. Then we take a look at the hit album Recovery including the background story on tracks like Love The Way You Lie, Not Afraid, No Love, Going Through Changes and many more as Eminem looks set to cement his spot as the best in the business as the self professed "Rap God".

All this and much more in this action packed episode. Enjoy.

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