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The Synopsis is a podcast for people who seek knowledge, made by people who explore the cutting edge of ideas and creativity. 

The Synopsis presents ten-minute summaries of the most talked-about books of recent years, parsing the knowledge contained in those pages to provide effective, practicable takeaways that can be applied in our daily life.  
We dive into the bestselling nonfiction literature that has set new benchmarks, transformed lives and habits, given a new direction to people, educated us about our world and our place in the universe, taught us to think objectively as well as empathetically, helped us plan our lives, and assisted us in working towards happiness and fulfillment. 

Join us as we explore books that blend the best available human knowledge with the cutting edge of research and domain expertise across self-improvement, management, personal finance, psychology, productivity, health, business, wellness, and much more. 
Tune in to The Synopsis podcast for the most rewarding 10-minutes in your day as we unpack the ideas and trends that define our present and predict our future.

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