Don't Settle Squad

I suffered from chronic pains & injuries from 15-25. At 25, I got numerous diagnosis and was told to settle and give up things I loved to do. But as I found out along my journey:

You don't get what you deserve, YOU GET WHAT YOU SETTLE FOR

I didn't settle. What about you?

Not settling was the start of my transformation from a broken body to what you see today. After not settling, taking OWNERSHIP and EDUCATING myself were the keys to taking back control over my body and never being at the mercy of healthcare professionals again

This attitude of not settling has spread throughout my life far past mobility training. I didn't settle for my well paid, stable, pensionable job either. I didn't settle for that and started a coaching business to help other not go through what I did. My mess has become my message

I didn't settle for my movement limitations...and it has become the catalyst that change my life. If you don't want to settle for your movement limitations, your mindset, your life.....subscirbe and join the Don't Settle Squad and for weekly inspiration and education to implement in your own life!

I don't take myself too seriously either, so let's have some fun along the way too ;)