A Day Out At The Zoo

Season 1, Episode 1,   May 05, 2023, 11:43 AM

I am a little monkey
I live here in the zoo
With my Mummy and my Daddy
And my sister Mary-Lou.

Everyone enjoys
A day out at the Zoo
You like to look at us
And we like to look at you.

Boys and girls have funny hair
Coloured yellow, red or black
Sometimes we see girls with hair so long
It's falling down their backs.

Our hair is very short
We even have it on our feet
Mummy loves to clean our hair
To give herself a treat.

She searches slowly through the hairs
For tiny fleas and lice
Then puts them in her mouth
She says they're really really nice.

We are very lucky
To live here in the Zoo
Our keeper feeds us
And cleans our house out too.

Do children have keepers who feed them
And keep their houses clean
Or do they feed themselves
And live high up in the trees?

Why do children wear shoes
And all those funny clothes
How can they climb trees?
I've never seen their toes.

To us monkeys
Children are very strange
Watch them run inside
Anytime it starts to rain.

I think people are silly
They are always pointing at me
Why do children laugh and scream
Anytime I have to pee?

Children never stop eating
There is always something in their mouths
To eat lots of ice-cream
They need mouths as big as ours.

We eat good food
Like berries, leaves and nuts.
Not chocolate, crisps and sweets
We don't like them very much.

Sometimes we see a child
With food all over its face
If we ate our food like that
It would be a big disgrace.

Boys and girls are funny
They can't walk on their feet and hands
They always stand up straight
I just don't understand.

I can climb up branches
With my sister on my back
I don't think boys and girls
Could climb on a tree like that.

The visitors are going home now.
The boys and girls are tired
Mummy is calling out to us
It's time to go inside.

So remember the next time
You have a day out at the Zoo
Come and see the monkeys
We like to look at you.