Bishop of Pisa meets the cultural and sports associations

Oct 23, 2013, 11:48 PM, Barga, Tuscany, Italy Giovanni Paolo Benotto, the Bishop of Pisa was visiting Barga again today

The Bishop of Pisa has been on a pastoral visit to Barga all this month.

Ten days ago he was visiting his parishioners (article here) , today it was the turn of the cultural and sports associations scattered around the Comune to make their voices hear as they attended an open meeting with the Bishop in the Teatro di Differenti in Barga Vecchia.

As you can hear in the the summing up of the meeting, the Bishop was particularly impressed by the various sport associations. He mentioned hearing the bells being played by hand in the Tower of Pisa and immediately thought that the Bells ringers from Barga had a hand in the ringing – he was correct.

The discipline and organisation involved in the game of football and he had a special mention for the Barga Vespa Club which had problems finding the minimum by law of 20 members to open their club but which now has a regular membership of over 300 active members.

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