Exhibition "Digital? no grazie" opens at La Galera

Mar 16, 2014, 06:26 PM, Barga, Tuscany, Italy

http://www.barganews.com/2014/03/17/exhibition-digital-grazie-opens-la-galera/ Exhibition "Digital? no grazie" opens at La Galera The original patent name for the first transistor went by this description: Semiconductor amplifier; three-electrode circuit element utilizing semi conductive materials. It was an innocuous-sounding phrase. But this invention netted the Bell team the 1956 Nobel Prize for Physics, and allowed scientists and product engineers far greater control over the flow of electricity. It's no exaggeration that transistors have enabled some of humankind's biggest leaps in technology, they altered the course of technology, and in the process, human history, too.

The fourth cultural event this year at La Galera opened on Sunday.

La Galera in Fornaci di Barga with Giulio Turriani at the helm is gradually becoming the in place to be seen at with a mixture of good food, beer, wine and interesting people.

Sunday nights at La Galera is also the night when there is a fine mix of a live music and culture

The Mayor of Barga, Marco Bonini was there on Sunday evening to cut the tape for the opening on an exhibition of paintings under the title of ”Digital? no grazie” by Keane.

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