Insomnia boo

Dec 06, 2010, 11:36 AM

#poetry #2010

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JFDerry - almost 7 years ago


Insomnia, you are my perfidious companion.
When all other lovers have taken sleep to bed,
Here you are, stroking my eyelids open,
Nibbling my mind and arousing my head.

Your fondling now awakens my every being,
Its body bestirred by your wanton lust.
I surrender to the touch of a longing lover,
On the sundown scent of a late-night fuck.

My blunt-brain penetrated by your burning issue,
Forgotten thoughts thrust to forefront mind.
Ideas mulled by witless penury,
Nuzzled with the subtlety of a Colt-45.

I know I'm not solely seduced in succumbing,
You take other lovers, on other lover nights.
Then I am slumberous, fit and fully, while
You’re away waiting for them to put out their lights.

But, it's not long before your return to my bedded side,
To again arouse, and awaken, and bestir.
Insomnia inamorata my unilluminated lover,
Your cuckoldry’s going to get me interred.