What Caused the Outbreak of #WW1? Interview with Historian Dr Alan Warburton (2014)

Jul 21, 2014, 07:13 PM

The news that Britain had declared #war on Germany was announced on 4th August 1914, a Bank Holiday weekend, in #Lancashire and #Cumbria.

#Lancaster #University lecturer Dr. Alan Warburton argues that the reaction to war across the Bay area was rather muted at first as local people did not realise the scale of the conflict that was emerging.

However, it was not long before thousands of men from across Britain, including Lancashire and Cumbria, responded to the call for arms and volunteered in the summer of 1914.

In an exclusive interview with The Bay’s Amy Scarisbrick, Dr Alan Warburton explains his view on what caused the outbreak of World War One, how people across the North West of England reacted to war and why #WW1 wasn’t over by Christmas as many people believed it would be. Audio is property of The Bay Radio and CN Group and has been uploaded for portfolio purposes only.