4. An Oversubscribed Dentist Practice & How to become a Key Person of Influence with Daniel Priestley

Mar 17, 2016, 02:00 PM

Daniel Priestley started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million dollar event, marketing and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold companies in Australia, Singapore, and the UK. Daniel is the founder of Entrevo, which runs a 9-month growth accelerator program for small enterprises, working with over 500+ entrepreneurs each year to develop their businesses. Entrevo has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. Daniel uses campaigns to help raise up to $100,000 for charity each year and is connected to some of the world’s most known and celebrated entrepreneurs and leaders. With a passion for global small business, Daniel is the author of the three best-selling books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, and the newly released Oversubscribed.

In this episode we talk about:

Daniel Priestley’s background in business and how did he start as an Entrepreneur? How he started the Event Marketing Company in his 20’s His book entitled “Become a Key Person of Influence” that began as a blog What led him to Key Person of Influence program and made it grown internationally? What’s all about Key Person of Influence program? Providing insights and advice to large enterprises about leadership and how to turn that leadership to develop products Providing corporate training The critical business insights to grow further Finding out what people like The Role of Culture on how the team can develop The importance to grow to be a leader The vision to fulfill as a leader Helping team to understand the vision The transition business from Lifestyle going to performance business The benefits of scaling particular business Rolling up bunch of business Being careful putting in different culture to whole organization Developing roles and sharing resources to people to retain trust The importance of balance to emerge business together The good leadership and management Creating culture of sharing and practices within the group The key or turning points and decisions that Daniel learned through his journey The Income follows assets The importance of designed document to attract leads The systems of best practices to make a business grow up and turn into assets How to develop a well brand? The system of assets Having great systems in place to run business operations The importance of reputable, interesting, creative, and valuable marketing strategy Creating a remarkable budget