L.3 なくしたカメラが戻ってきた! (165 words)

Jan 21, 2017, 10:00 AM

固有名詞 Roberto:ロベルト, Mexican:メキシコ人, Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku Station

※一か所 probably /prɑ́bəbli/ の発音が/prɑ́bli/ となっていますが、これは<英>英語の発音にみられるものです。話し手は<米>英語を話していますが、もともとイギリス出身なのか、または方言なのかもしれません。

Roberto was a Mexican tourist to Japan. He was 23 years old, and this was his first visit to the country. Soon after arriving in Tokyo, he went to an electronic goods store and bought a new camera. It cost a lot of money, but he was very proud of it. Two days later, however, in Shinjuku Station, he noticed that the camera was not in his bag. “The camera probably fell out of my bag on the train,” he thought.

Roberto found a police box and explained the situation in English to a policeman. The policeman made a short telephone call and told Roberto to wait. Then, just 40 minutes later, a station employee appeared. “Here is your camera,” the employee said. “A young woman found it on the train and brought it to my office.” Roberto was very happy and also quite surprised. The policeman explained, “Japanese people are really honest, and they don’t take other people’s things, except umbrellas and, sometimes, bicycles.”