Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #144: Gang's All Here

Jul 13, 2017, 10:19 PM

Not Another Teen Wolf hosts Karen and Natalie break down the Teen Wolf season 6B trailer and get emotional about the show ending.

Featured Song: “The Final Countdown” by Europe

-Karen and Natalie are back after a long hiatus — sorry about that! -The Teen Wolf season 6B trailer just dropped, so you know we’re gonna break it down. -Next week is SDCC 2017, where Teen Wolf will have its actual final appearance. -We’re seriously stressing out about all of this. -But this trailer looks amazing. -Is the burned down house in the beginning supposed to be a flashback? -Where is Chris at the beginning of this trailer and who wrote the message in blood? -Lydia’s nightmare looks terrifying. -This season is going to focus a lot on the fallout from the first half. -But, guys. This creature is so disgusting. -What is it? Where is it from? WHY DOES IT EXIST? -P.S. There’s gonna be a new Hellhound. -Everyone is afraid of the pack and we’re sad. -Natalie and Karen disagree on whether or not Gerard Argent is going to be a bad guy. -If Gerard Argent dies, who’s going to be the one to kill him? -We were genuinely shocked by Stiles and Derek in the trailer. -Nat explains how she wants his return to be played. -Is Theo a good guy now? -Liam’s hair is so long. -Peter is still around. -Ethan and Jackson might be our new OTP. -We don’t want to know everyone who’s coming back! -Stiles is totally not an FBI agent yet. -Kate is back. This can’t be good. -Why are Scott and Malia in the shower together? -Is Lydia really dead? -WE FEEL THE NOSTALGIA. -We kind of freak out about SDCC. –Teen Wolf returns on Sunday, July 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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