Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #146: Bugsplosion

Aug 14, 2017, 05:01 AM

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts Karen and Natalie return to discuss the Teen Wolf season 6B premiere. This is the beginning of the end.

Featured Song: “Bones” by Wens

-Natalie kicks Karen off of Not About the Weather. -But Karen’s mom is in town so she’s happy anyway. -We remembered favorite quotes again! -Theo’s sequence made us so sad! -What the heck are those spiders and how do they operate? -Is this really the end of Theo? -We’re really happy with the current plot on the show. -We’re still feeling the Parrish and Lydia chemistry. -Would Stiles have an issue with Lydia and Parrish being friends? -We have theories about Eichen House. -Fenris has never been a bad guy, but he’s not doing too great right now. -Despite Lydia’s trauma, she goes to Eichen House because she’s a BAMF. -Do we actually care about Brett? -It’s never just lacrosse. -Is Liam really the best person to protect Beacon Hills in Scott’s absence? -Corey provides some good value. -Chris returns! -His password is also Allison. -What is Ms. Monroe’s deal? –Teen Wolf is not subtle. -But yay science! -R.I.P. Aaron -The night is dark and full of spiders. -Malia is also not subtle. -How are we feeling about Scalia? -What’s actually causing everyone to be afraid of the pack? -And what made Brett attack Ms. Monroe? -Michael Hogan is super nice even though we hate Gerard Argent. -Is Ms. Monroe redeemable? -CAN GERARD JUST DIE ALREADY? -Sorry not sorry we’re still holding out hope for Isaac Lahey. –Teen Wolf airs on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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