Episode #150: Avoidant Walking

Sep 20, 2017, 02:23 AM

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast crosses the pond for "Werewolves of London," episode 17 of Teen Wolf's final season.

Featured Song: "Holy Grail" by Dead Posey

- We. Are. OBSESSED. With. Jethan.
- Seriously why did we not get this spin-off running concurrently the entire time.
- S E R I O U S L Y.
- Also do you know how much bank they must be making to afford that apartment???
- Anyway, EVERYONE got shot up in Scott's house.
- Melissa still encouraging Scott still leaves us divided.
- Deucalion's return is DELIGHTFUL and some of us were not even spoiled for it.
- Once again, Scott is told he needs to have Gerard killed.
- Little bit of sass in the Scottcalion friendship - would like to see more of their communication.
- Karen's off writing dreamy fanfiction about all the Omega babies that Jethan want to adopt.
- What's going on with Theo and Liam? Why is Theo so invested in Liam's damage?
- One host may have deemed the scene in which Dead Evil Matt was mentioned as "the best scene in Teen Wolf history."
- Monroe's will is impenetrable and deeply misguided. How do people even think like this?
- Once again, what do all these people think Scott is actually going to pull off? Because at this point we have no idea.
- Oh no! Sheriff is de-Sherified!
- Peter Hale is a beautiful gift and we 100% cannot handle it.
- Best Peter/Malia scene ever, what a big overdramatic baby he is.
- We're pretty confused about the Primal pack, though.
- What's the Gabe/Nolan situation? Kind of odd.
- Which member of the Primal has now been taken by the Anuk-Ite?
- What's with Lydia and Halwyn's little mostly-dead chat?

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