Interview with Estefanía Navarro Hernandez

Season 1, Episode 30,   Oct 24, 2018, 09:00 AM

Join our special conversation with Estafanía Navarro Hernandez, a queer Xicana organizer with DACA status who's also a part of Unidos MN, a Latinx based organization that builds power for gender, racial and economic justice.

Estefania shares her story with us as a muxer who's fiercely organizing to protect and expand the rights of all immigrants. We also talk about the importance of the Latinx vote, pro-immigrant and pro-refugee values, self-care, favorite hot sauces y mas! #sinverguenza

Final plug in: We want you to vote on November 6th. Midterm elections are crucial!


Mile High - Raquel Rodriguez

Senor Presidente, Las Cafeteras

Mia, Bad Bunny featuring Drake

Yo Quiero Bailar, Ivy Queen

Luchin, Ana Tijoux