Small charities - innovating on a shoestring

Season 1, Episode 6,   Jan 21, 2019, 05:30 PM

For this episode,we spoke to comms and digital leads at two small charities who presented at the CharityComms Small charities communications conference 2018. They undertook projects which could be have been costly and challenging, instead, working with the budgets and resources they had, making the most of their size to innovate, testing their assumptions and getting stuck in.

First up, we spoke to Scott Roberts, formerly PR, communications and celebrity manager at Havens House Children's Hospice about the podcast he created during his time at the hospice to tell stories that wouldn't otherwise have been heard.

We also got the lowdown on how Bliss has been successfully implementing its digital-first organisational strategy, from Sarah Rughoonundon, digital lead and Gemma Collins-Ellis, communications manager.

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Resources from this episode:

You can find the slides from the original presentations at the Small charities communications conference 2018 here.

Sarah and Gemma also presented at our Charity digital conference, you can find the slides here.

Check out the episodes of Haven House Childen's Hospice podcast here.

Scott also contributed an article to our knowledge hub on the resurgence of podcasts in the sector, click here to have a read.

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