Creating A Purpose Driven Practice with Carolyn Tate

Feb 05, 05:00 PM

I’m joined by marketer Carolyn Tate to share with us how becoming more focused around purpose in our business leads to more satisfaction, employee retention, and a better bottom line.

Carolyn Tate is a marketer with a passion for purpose-digging, writing, speaking, teaching and community building. As a brand and marketing specialist with a 20-year history at Westpac, Merrill Lynch and in her own business, she is uniquely placed to help any company dedicated to building a “profit-for-purpose” entity.

Carolyn is the author of five books; Small Business Big BrandMarketing Your Small Business for DummiesUnstuck in Provence (a personal memoir), Conscious Marketing and The Purpose Project.

She is the founder of The Slow School of Business (Slow School),  Talk on Purpose and The Purpose Project programs. All her learning programs are highly experiential and transformative for every participant.

Underpinning all her work is a commitment to being courageous, growing in consciousness, operating with compassion and connecting authentically with others in the spirit of collaboration. The company is a Certified B Corporation and Carolyn is a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia.

In this episode, we discuss:

01:38: How purpose is becoming one of the key drivers for successful companies around the globe

05:53: How small-medium enterprises can integrate purpose into their businesses

12:53: The difference between success and fulfilment

14:19: Why purpose drives performance in businesses

17:09: How businesses thrive with common unity amongst their staff

18:58: How we find our purpose through doing projects

24:28: What is ‘conscious marketing’ and how you can use it

28:37: How your employees are an untapped opportunity for marketing 

34:15: Viewing the market place as collaboration over competition

40:02: How to integrate purpose at a business level and a personal level at your own practice