#3 Jaz Rabadia's Story

Season 1, Episode 3,   Jun 04, 2019, 11:30 PM

Jaz Rabadia is a great advocate when it comes to speaking out about infertility and here she shares her experiences of pregnancy after infertility and being an IVF mum with us.

Having met her earlier this year, I love chatting to Jaz Rabadia MBE and this interview was no different! Here she talks to us about her experiences of pregnancy after infertility, which for her included over 3 years of ttc and multiple rounds of IVF.

She is now the proud mum of 15 month old Diyan and is really keen to be heard when it comes to the struggles that so many of us face to get to where she is now.

In among the joy, we do also discuss the loss of a subsequent natural pregnancy which understandably may be difficult for some to hear. I chose to leave it in as I had received questions about natural pregnancies after IVF - what to do, how people felt and also how it will affect any future pregnancies too.

I completely understand if you don't want to hear this section, which is between 27.40 mins and 33.38 mins. However I highly recommend you stay around for the rest which is insightful and hopefully fun too!

If you want to go and say hello to Jaz you can find her on instagram and twitter and you can also check out her creative 'side hustle' at Cards By Jaz which include Hindu, Islamic and Sikh milestone cards.

Another thing you might be interested after hearing this episode is a TENS machine - speaking of which, I need to go and order mine right now! 

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Cat Strawbridge @tryingyears