Episode One: WATER

Episode 1,  Jun 17, 2019, 07:55 AM

The Wells of Tanit podcast series starts with an episode recorded at the Font de Balàfia, an ancient well near San Lorenzo, in the North of Ibiza. In this episode we explore the theme of 'Water' in relation to the culture, history, mythology, folklore and ecology of the island of Ibiza. What have Ibiza's freshwater sources represented to the islanders through the centuries? How has mass tourism and globalisation drastically changed this relationship, and what does that mean in mythical terms? What are the ancient, mystical secrets to be found in the wells and fresh water sources of this little island...

Down in the well of Balàfia we explore poetry, literature and ancient myths, as well as chatting with our sponsor, film-maker Enrique Villalonga of Filmótica, about a documentary project he carried out for the local government in relation with the island's now dry river, the Riu de Santa Eulàlia. 

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Theme music: 'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by Uc (released by Produccions Blau)

Special thanks: Jo Youle of Reset Rebel Productions