Episode Four: HOME

Episode 4,  Sep 15, 2019, 02:59 PM

In this episode we dig deep into the theme of Home, in relation to the modern and ancient culture of Ibiza. In the stunning wilderness of the Font d'es Verger, San Jose, with fresh water trickling above and below, we try to figure out what it is about the island of Ibiza that calls to so many people, leading them to search for a home here.

We ponder on the 'bohemian island soul' which has become a high priced, VIP commodity in recent years, and try to trace it back to its authentic roots. I chat with an old friend Sol Ortega, about her twenty-year, shifting relationship with Ibiza, which began when she lived in caves around the island, at a time when this was both possible and accepted. 

Later we venture to the hills of San Joan and meet writer and playwright Ben Dunwell, whose play 'Her Island Name' centres around a property developer who arrives on Ibiza to attempt to renovate an ancient finca, but who ends up being 'renovated' herself... Ben chats with me at length about self-transformation, the idea of 'returning home' and that strange power the island has, drawing so many to its shores, and teaching them important, almost mythical lessons. 

We celebrate those centuries-old houses of Ibiza, the ones ever-more in danger of falling into the hands of money-hungry developers, and step inside one full of stories, relics and strange odours, thanks to Paul Richardson's personal account of restoring an Ibizan finca, first published in 'Our Lady of the Sewers and Other Adventures in Deep Spain.' And as night falls in the deep, pine-covered gorge of the Font d'es Verger, we say a prayer to that ibicenco farmer of Santa Ines who said 'no' to the promise of a foreigner's riches, and 'yes' to the place that he had always called home.

Written and presented by Joanna Hruby, artist, puppeteer and founder of Theatre of the Ancients (www.theatreoftheancients.com)
Co-editing: Enrique Villalonga of
Filmótica (filmotica.com)
Theme music:
'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by Uc (released by Produccions Blau)

Featured / Mentioned in this episode:
'One Word is Too Often Profaned' (extract) P. B. Shelley (1822)
'Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen: the Love Affair of a Lifetime' – article in The Observer by Andrew Anthony, Sunday 30th June 2019
'More' (Barbet Schroeder, 1969) – cult film shot on Ibiza 
'Ibiza..... A Dream?' (Tony Keeler, 1973) – rare, cult black and white photography book 
'Her Island Name' – a play written by Ben Dunwell, first performed in San Lorenzo, Ibiza, in June 2019
'Epilogue' - Paul Richardson (extract), taken from The Road to San Vicente (Barbary Press, 2007) originally from 'Our Lady of the Sewers and Other Adventures in Deep Spain (1998)
'Walking Ibiza' – high quality island walking group (walkingibiza.com)

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