TSOT006: Sergio Masters, Tiger Greatness

Apr 11, 2017, 08:04 AM

2017 Masters Win by Sergio. Reflections.
Masters means Tiger... a statistical remembrance of his non-repeatable accomplishments, along with a mourning of his golfing career and recognition of valid argument that Nicklaus is still the best.

0-2:55 Intro
2:55 Sergio Masters Win
6:30 Garcia - Kobe likability analogy.
8:05 Narrative change as round went on.
9:42 Back nine progression.

13:12 Tiger's Legacy
15:40 The irritating thing about his career drop-off. Will power. Grindless.
18:00 Post-Scandal: The Tiger has no clothes. Mental intimidation gone.
21:25 The change In mindset once dominance / consistency disappears. Appeal related. Kobe analogy.

24:13 Tiger measurables versus Nicklaus or anyone else.
26:58: Strength of competition
28:30: Tournament win percentage
29:18: Overall wins and win percentage
33:08: Scoring average crowns - # of crowns and historically significant averages versus others.
40:11 Total weeks ranked #1 and consecutive weeks at #1.
46:59 Consecutive win streaks
50:34 Consecutive cuts made
54:05 Win percentage revisited and clarified.

Intro and outro music both are "Alien Operator" by the band "Alien Operator." Creative commons license, with attribution required, non-commercial use.