TSOT040: The Tyrant Consolidates His Power. He has now proven dozens of times he cares neither about "his" country nor about your Constitution's limits unless they're actually enforced against him.

Aug 09, 2022, 07:49 AM

[Giant List of Provable Crimes and Misdeeds}... yet our "law enforcement" is raiding WHOSE house??

If you give a man an inch to a man so desperate for power that he'd say he was second in his law school class when he was about 50th percentile, he'll take a mile. 

He, man of immeasurable foreign and other compromise and known ties, now uses federal law enforcement to terrorize a former President. 

He must go. 

Authorities must be given the power to stop him. Congress must stand and make this their only goal. He is using the trappings of power to cover his criminality. He has shown no qualms motivated by any Constitutional concern. So those concerned with the Constitution must do something to stop his reign over the controlled demolition of our economy and now our political institutions. 

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