QROT-050: Spike proteins in the virus are AWFUL for you. And the vaccine MAKES your body PRODUCE them. But don't worry - we tell them to be good guys then

Jan 18, 2022, 12:15 PM

Analysis with HEAVY doses of sarcasm and character voices, richly deserved, over a characterization by an allegedly esteemed organization (the Salk Institute) that basically uses reference to authority to quickly defuse the possibility you might ask a logical follow-up.
Very scientific. Thanks, Salk.
A paraphased conversation:
"1. Those spike proteins sure are bad for you - they definitely hurt your  cardiovascular system!
"2. We even figured out they, not the rest of the virus, are the EXACT culprit for that damage.
"3. But don't worry... the spike proteins that the "vaccine" has your body create, so that your body then can identify the virus later, don't behave anything like that. "

Anyone with a fully-functioning brain: 
"The spike proteins behave NOTHING like each other? Now why in good LORD could you come to that conclusion, if they have to be similar enough to each other that your body recognizes one later because its seen the other???"

Salk: ". . . Emm. . . Don't worry - the spike proteins that the "vaccine" has your body create don't behave anything like that!"

0:00 Intro
2:08 Article quote
3:32 Analysis
-Don't they need to be pretty darn similar, if the point is for your body to recognize one, based on first seeing the other???????
-You can tell me not to worry, but it would be helpful if you tell me why.
6:24 An imagined outlandish excuse for how the spike proteins that are harmful in one case, are not at all in another case: 
Maybe they got told to behave! Maybe the "coder" added a "and remember to behave, spike proteins! You're a good guy now!" Thank goodness Sally the I.T. coder keeps good records!! 
I sure hope the spike proteins are honest and attested they wouldn't follow their general nature! How did they sign the agreement?

Also, if I tell you I didn't take your wallet even though your wallet is missing and the one in my hand looks like your wallet, don't you worry. After all.  I just TOLD you I didn't take your wallet.

Garbage. Simple denials without explanation do not negate obvious connections, or the need to explain things. No matter what they tell you. 

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