The basics of safeguarding

Episode 3,   Oct 22, 2019, 03:32 PM

Join us in this podcast to get down to the basics of what safeguarding actually means within the sport world and what steps sports clubs and organisations need to take to ensure they're effectively safeguarding children and young people in the sport sector.

In this whistle stop tour, our NSPCC CPSU Senior Consultant and Information Officers delve into the key areas of safeguarding;

  • why safeguarding in sport is so important
  • the different types of abuse in sport and how to spot them
  • how to create and implement a safeguarding policy
  • putting safeguarding measures in place
  • finding out what safeguarding training is right for you and your club
  • the risks of not doing anything
  • how to raise and deal with a safeguarding concern

Whether you've just started on your safeguarding journey, or are listening to this podcast as a refresher, we'll have you getting grips with the basics of safeguarding in sport in no time. 

Mel Addams, Lian Gaten and Laura Young – CPSU Information Officers
Jude Toasland
– CPSU Senior Consultant


Visit the CPSU website for more safeguarding help and advice.


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