DBS checks in sport – your questions answered

Episode 5,   Dec 05, 2019, 11:59 AM

DBS checks are an important part of safeguarding in sport, especially for sports clubs and organisations who train young athletes. Join us for Part Two of our dive into the basics of DBS checks

Join us for Part Two of our dive into the basics of DBS checks (if you missed Part One, take a listen here).

We asked our sport audience to send in questions about DBS checks to Linda and Helen, in this episode we find out:

  • what levels of check are required?
  • do sport parents need to be DBS checked?
  • what is a referral? 
  • how and when should sports refer?
  • how long does the DBS keep information?
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Mel Addams and Lian Gaten – CPSU Information Officers
Linda and Helen
– Disclosure and Barring Service

For more information on the DBS and checks, visit the DBS website.

Make sure you visit the CPSU website for the latest information and guidance about safeguarding in sport.


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