Not What You Used Too

Season 1, Episode 15,  Oct 29, 2019, 03:50 AM

Nothinpodcast Episode 15 “Not What Your Used To” Is exactly what the title says. While Sir Remy Martin is on vacation Djefsclusive got a childhood friend to pull up on her and help take the pod to the next level. The two break down if Kanye West Jesus is King is a hip-hop or gospel album. Do you watch Love and hip hop? The two break down their separate views on the scripted reality show and the recent news with Rich Dollaz one of the cast members.
 The April and Lil Fizz situation also caused tension when the two of them disagree on this topic. Do you think it is okay to date a close friend’s baby’s mother?
 The two also discuss if they believe that Safaree was the pen behind Nicki Mianj’s older hits and his connection to her is what has given him traction as an individual since they have broken up. The two share stories about females and why some of them date older men as well as what is going on with older men who only date and affiliate with people who are younger than them.
 Are men allowed to be curious about their sexuality? The two take deep dives into Tanks recent comments about men being able to give men head twice before he can completely rule out the fact that he is gay. Beyond that Tank believes in order to be gay you must “subscribe” to wanting to be gay. The two discuss the possibilities of a man being straight after doing gay things.
 The two talk relationships, STARZ power and much more.
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