To X With Love – Your Personalised B2B Podcast

May 15, 02:00 PM
Dear Anonymous Prospective Podcast-Listener, We’ve got just the thing for you!  Personalisation is a key focus for B2B marketing in the new decade.  We’re told that just personalisation by name is not enough to be truly effective, that we should look to hyper-personalisation on our marketing, and that personalisation should extend through the sales funnel and into the customer lifecycle.  But watch out!  Because we’re also told that the latest research suggests that micro-targeting to existing customers is neither necessary nor wise.  B2B marketer Dave Stevens talks to Global Marketing Director at Worldpay Sumeet Vermani, CEO of Turtl Nick Mason, and Director at Rich Contacts Simon Watson to navigate through this difficult area.

And Gayle Cogswell shares a key lesson she took on the journey to being a Business Consultant in 5G propositions.