Action! B2B Marketing Goes to the Movies

May 22, 02:00 PM
The use of B2B video marketing is apparently on the rise.  According to the Aberdeen Group, 67% of businesses are now using video to create brand awareness, 60% to drive conversions, and 53% to nurture leads.  But what is the place of video in today’s marketing mix and how should your business use it? B2B Marketer Dave Stevens talks to Managing Director of Through the I Scott Jackson, to freelance B2B Social Media Specialist Beth Lloyd, to Creative Director at Impress Video Gurmit Samra, to Head of Content at Vismedia Jonathan Sedger, and to MD of Kaptcha Richard Thomson to find out.
And Associate Director of Marketing and Insights at Grant Thornton International Carol Briggs shares a quality that makes a great B2B marketer today.