Great B2B Marketing Agency / Client Relations

Jun 12, 12:00 PM
The client-agency relationship in B2B marketing can be critical to the success or failure of a project, department, or business.  It’s a relationship that both parties have to invest in.  So how to get it right?  Business Marketing Club Chair Dave Stevens speaks to Teresa Allan, Founding Partner of the Magnus Club who has created a code of conduct for clients and agencies to live by; to Jon Lonsdale (CEO of Octopus Group) and Matt Mason (MD of Chocolate) about how they’ve built their agencies to make the relationship work; and to Brian Macreadie, Head of Marketing at Addleshaw Goddard for the client-side view. 

Plus, Director at Rich Contacts Simon Watson shares some great B2B marketing examples and what he's learned from them.

And Catherine Borowski shares a key lesson she took on the journey to being Artistic Director of ProduceUK.