How to Develop Financially Quantified Value Propositions

Jun 18, 01:18 PM
Join Emeritus Professor of Cranfield University School of Management Malcolm McDonald to hear about how to develop financially quantified value propositions that capture the attention of their customers.  Malcolm is formerly Marketing and Sales Director of Canada Dry and now a Professor at six of the UK's top Business Schools and Chairman of four companies.

According to McKinsey and our own research, everyone talks about value propositions, but only 5% of organisations have them and even those that do have them don’t always quantify them financially.

Any supplier who can quantify financially how they can help their customers grow their profits will always succeed, no matter how difficult the market conditions.  A lot of what constitutes value from a supplier is about helping the customer to avoid disadvantage, but, much more importantly, those suppliers who can demonstrate that they will create advantage for them will be respected and there will be fewer conversations about price.

The webinar is presented by Dave Stevens, Chair and Co-Founder of the BMC.