#22 Post Natal Depression, Colic, Reflux and much more.

Season 2, Episode 13,   Jun 23, 2020, 11:15 PM

Today we're talking PND, Reflux, Colic and much more!

On today’s episode I’m chatting to the lovely Sophie who I met through my fertility clinic Herts & Essex. I spoke to Sophie aka @mrsscarsons a few months ago about her experiences of early motherhood following a successful round of fertility treatment. 

Her gorgeous son Teddy suffered from both Colic and Reflux which led to the most difficult times for Sophie and here she shares how it all had a terrible impact on her mental health. We actually talk about way more than that, including Group Strep B and attending baby classes - my fave is Monkey Music - and I really hope you get lots from our chat. 

Sophie does get upset during our conversation but I think her openness and honesty is so incredibly brave and I know she does it because she doesn’t want other people to go through it, or at the very least, for others to know that they are not alone in their experiences. If you want to reach out to Sophie please do. If you want to reach out to me please come and find me at @tryingyears and finally, if you can subscribe, rate and review the podcast wherever you listen to it that would be amazing!

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Thank you so much for listening!

Cat x