Secrets of Audience Intelligence - What Marketers Need To Know: 'Social Media Consumer Segmentation'

Season 2, Episode 2,   Aug 14, 2020, 05:00 AM

We have been working with Audiense to bring you ‘The Secrets of Audience Intelligence.’ This is the second podcast in the series of in-depth interviews on audience intelligence. It will enable you to learn more about the ins and outs of audience intelligence, deeper customer segmentation, we explore influencer marketing, social media audience segmentation and how and where to find insights to bring you closer to your audience.

"What Marketers Need To Know About Social Media Consumer Segmentation"

How social media consumer segmentation is key for audience intelligence to power strategy.

Hosted by Nat Schooler and Nicolas Babin Who was Head of Marketing for Sony Europe for Many Years.

Edward Bass -Founder and Director at entSight - Digital Strategy Thoughtleader, Driven by Insights and Data.

We Discussed the Recent Forester Report:

Marketers and Executives know about Data, Social Media Listening Platforms - but not Audience Intelligence and the Combination of the two.

We are here to learn more about combining these approaches, 
we know you were asked for your opinion within the recent forester report

Brands understand that broad stroke demographics aren’t going to cut it anymore.

1) How social media consumer segmentation is key for audience intelligence to power strategy.  

GlobalWebIndex, Brandwatch and Audiense and how you integrate the three platforms.

2) What are social media consumer segments?
Detailed understanding of these audiences, as opposed to traditional methods.
Wider array of information available.

3) Who develops social media consumer segments?

4) How can marketers use social media consumer segments?
What kind of KPIs can we see and why is it valuable to marketers?

5) What are the limitations

6) What is your vision for the future for data driven marketing?