Craig Beck: The Stop Drinking Expert

Sep 24, 2020, 07:51 AM
Over The Influence is back! And this series, it's all about you...

In every episode in Series 2, BBC broadcast journalist Sharon Hartley and Guinness World Record holder Freddie Bennett invite a different guest on to the podcast who have in some way inspired their own alcohol free journeys, from AF authors to inspirational Instagrammers.

In this episode, Shazza and Freddie talk to the author, speaker and coach, Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert. Craig's book "Alcohol Lied To Me" was one of the first books Shazza read when she went alcohol free, and she recently read Craig's second book, "Alcohol Lied To Me... Again!", whilst on a sober break in Wales.

In this episode Craig talks about why he decided to go alcohol free and the many methods he used when trying to moderate, and he also shares some amazing insights about what alcohol actually does to your body and mind and how to stay motivated if you're looking to rid it from your life completely.

If you're on an alcohol free or low alcohol journey - or thinking about starting one - this podcast is for you. Whether you're going completely alcohol free like Sharon or Freddie, or if you're just sober curious... Know you're not going it alone!

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