Lil Rodney

Nov 17, 2020, 05:00 AM
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Lil Rodney:
It might not mean nothin to yall but out here in the world you have a 12-year-old out here throwing his life away because he has no guidance.   Lil Rodney was recently sentenced to seven years in a juvenile center after shooting a one-year-old baby.  
The child was on home monitoring for arson when he cut off his ankle monitor so that he could attend the funeral of a friend that he claimed to not know the full name of only street name. 
The case got major mainstream attention when his zoom hearing with the judge went viral.  Rodney cried begging for one more chance from the before sensitive judge who decided to detain the menace in the making to the facility until he is 19 unless he sees a major change in his behavior.  He stated Rodney can appear before him again in two years to check on his behavior and progress.  
He is also an up and coming rapper many compare to Chicago drill rapper Tay Kay.  Rodney goes by the name of 30 shots where you can see him flashing guns bigger than he is and smoking weed on live video and his music videos.

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