If we trust communities and work with them, we’ll get the best possible outcome – Matt Leach, CEO Local Trust, and Sandi Phillips, Chair, Elthorne Pride

Feb 12, 04:00 PM
The GCBC team are joined by Matt Leach, CEO of Local Trust, which delivers Big Local: a 15-year programme which distributes £1.15m of funding to 150 neighbourhoods across England "with no strings attached to use as they see fit". Matt discusses the ethos of Big Local and the insights into place-based funding that are emerging from the initiative.

They’re also joined by Sandi Phillips, Chair of the Elthorne Pride Big Local in Islington, North London. Sandi describes how Big Local funding has transformed her community, and the projects launched in response to the pandemic. You can watch Drawn Out, a short film made in collaboration with Elthorne Pride, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OEuq5szR7I&t=628s

Good Charity, Bad Charity is presented by Keith Davis, Camilla McGibbon and David Prest. It is produced by Dan Hardoon at Whistledown and supported by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness.