Flag On The Play

Feb 16, 05:00 AM
In this heated Episode Dough boy and Djefsclusive discuss the super bowl and the fact that many people believe that the game was rigged and staged so that Tom Brady can get another ring.  

This conversation opened the door to contracts and how Djefsclusive believes that many contracts turn athletes and artists into slaves and in many cases force them to sell their souls for money.

Doughboy believes athletes and artist are living their dreams so regardless of the obligations in a contract they willingly sign you cannot consider it slavery when they are paid and you cannot say they have sold their soul if these are the requirements of what they claim to desire.  

The pod discusses mental vibrational levels and how anger and violence are all lower-level vibrations that most people in an elevated state do not feed into.  Doughboy tends to believe that the ancient study of African spirituality chakras and vibrations applies to all except for him as he does not believe that anger and violence exist on a lower vibrational level.

The pod breaks down Meek mill and 69 altercations the Gorilla Glue Girl scam and much more

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