Episode 3

Episode 3,   Mar 05, 2021, 09:00 AM

*Audio issues are FIXED!**

Four run of the mill mates sit and talk cars. 

In this weeks episode...

- Niall's track car still doesn't have a diff fitted.
- Bulge has fitted cruise control to his "shonky old Golf".
- We have an update on James' X-Trail.
- James is in the market for a cheap track hack and Niall tries his hardest to *force* James to buy a BMW.
- We briefly discuss brand loyalty.
- We pay our respects to Hannu Mikkola and chat Group B rallying.
- Cheating in motorsports also comes up.
- We talk car brands bringing back iconic cars.
- Jon and Niall argue about "pointless" cars.
- Bulge brings up safari cars which confused Niall and Jon.

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