Interview: Tim Staffell of Smile & Humpy Bong

Mar 07, 2021, 01:43 PM

Special interview with Tim Staffell known best for his time as the lead singer and bass player of the band Smile alongside Roger Taylor and Brian May. Before leaving to join another band named Humpy Bong which ultimately opened the door for Freddie Mercury to join Smile and eventually form the band Queen. Tim went on to have his own success as a solo performer releasing 2 albums and collaborating on a number of projects with a range of musicians including the band Morgan and he also worked as a prop and animation designer on the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine before branching into other fields such as directing commercials.

Join us as we explore Tim's upbringing in Isleworth, London England, his schooling days alongside Queen guitarist Brian May, his Art college days with Freddie Mercury, his own career and what he is up to these days. Thankyou to Tim for joining me, thanks for tuning in and Enjoy.

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