#34 Traditional Performance Management is Dead with Tom Manning

Mar 29, 09:00 AM
In this weeks episode Rachael & John chat to Tom Manning founder of The Pathway Academy about how to create high performing, emotionally intelligent teams. They talk about how laying a clear career pathway for employees to follow, is the most effective approach to attracting like minded employees.

What does it look like to be at a certain level in your organisation? Do you know what behaviours are required of you, what is the expected skill level; and how does this differ from what is required at the next level, and the level above that?

If you have the answers to all these questions, it makes it easier for you to be accountable; you know what is expected of you, producing a performance win/win.

Leadership Essentials:

  1. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself - and it heavily influences all your other relationships.
  2. Be clear with people. We are often very unclear!
  3. Without consequences there is no accountability (and anger isn't an effective consequence).
Tom's 7 step model for creating the pathway:

  • Being aware - Developing emotional awareness and understanding.
  • Being Clear - Being Clear about what is expected and what good looks like.
  • Being Accountable - Creating consistently accountable teams without anger.
  • Being Human - Giving people room to make mistakes while they learn - and to then develop a more authentic relationship with themselves.
  • Being Active - Being active in the development of our people - developing human character as well as competence / experience.
  • Being in the right place - Helping people to live their own purpose and be in the right role for them.
  • High Standards - The setting and upholding of high standards.