20. Bronson Lee Norton: The Hero's Rite of Passage

Mar 26, 2021, 07:40 AM

Can darkness not only be the catalyst for something bigger but also be the very initiation into your superpower?

Bronson Lee Norton is a professional musician, athlete, podcaster, philosopher, bow-hunter, and bronze medal recipient for bravery. He is the host of “The Barbaric Wisdom” podcast as well as the founder of Moss and Blood, an apparel company for athletes and outdoorsmen. 

In this episode, we dive into a story, an act of heroism, that would forever change Bronson Lee Norton’s life. After saving a woman from a violent sexual assault, March 26, 2015, Bronson fell into a darkness, that he once believed, he would never return from. He walks us through his experience on that fateful day but then takes us on a journey to the now. From a once hell, to a deeply enriched and full life now, filled with spiritual and emotional healing, and most of all gratitude, that has come as a result of this VERY experience. We explore his journey with first nations medicine, the tools he uses to navigate the difficulties of life and himself, as well as his advice to others who may currently be at their rock bottom. His message and his story are incredibly powerful, so I highly recommend listening through to the end.

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Music Vocals: Shantih Ma/Rózsa/Ravi Gill/Saint Soldier

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